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Gothic throne and renaissance ballustrade    -oakwood

Detail of the gothic throne

Capital in renaissance style -oakwood

Detail of a pedestal -oakwood

Glded bronze chandellier in the Sándor Palace, Budapest (the office of the President of Hungary) -casting forms are designed and made by Pál Dobesch, coordinator: Béla Hegyi

Detail of the gothic throne

Detail of the gothic throne

Handrail in renaissance style -oakwood

Pilaster, detail of the handrail

carved details of the renaissance handrail

 Composition of mirrorframe, pier table and uplights in rococo style

Detail of the rococo pier table, or console table -walnut

Mantel clock in rococo style

Gilded pier table in rococo style lindenwood

Chandellier in rococo style -walnut

Chandelier replica for the National Museum, Budapest in empire style Painted and gilded lindenwood