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About Us


Dear visitors, Let us introduce:

We are Pál Dobesch, woodcarver and cabinetmaker

and Máté Dobesch, woodcarver, graphic artist

Our profile is designing and executing furnitures in all the historical styles ( romanesque, gothic, renaissance, baroque, rococo, neo-classical, art nouveau). If a costumer have any special demand, it can be realised. I' m able to do the whole process of furniture making from the first sketch to the finished piece.

Special demands can be for example: 

-To complete a set of furnitures, matching to the originals.
-To design and execute any furniture, or decorative element, harmonically for a certain interior.
-Collaboration with interior designers and architects.
-To re-carve missing parts of antique furnitures, or reconstruct whole pieces.
-Restoration of carved furnitures.
-Figurative sculptorwork (by Máté Dobesch)


Pál Dobesch

1950        born in Budapest, Hungary
1964-80   studies in craftmanship in Budapest
1971-87   woodcarver in employement
1987        freelance woodcarver
2002        my son, Máté Dobesch joined to the workshop

Máté Dobesch

1978        Born in Budapest, Hungary

               Learned the craftmanship from his father, Pál

2001        Graduated in the Hungarian Academy Of Fine Arts , Budapest in the Printmaking Department

2002        Joined to the workshop